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Wedding planning information, ideas and checklists to help you become a successful wedding planner.
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Marketing Ideas for Wedding Planners
Wedding planners today need to do a lot more than simply open up shop to win clients. Here are some ways to distinguish your services from the rest.

How to Plan Unique and Memorable Weddings
Weddings require a full range of event planning skills and ideas. Wedding planners handle invitations, favors, cakes, meals, music, ceremonies, receptions. They work with brides to choose venues, destinations, and themes to create wedding programs. From wedding planning checklists to becoming a wedding coordinator or consultant, here's what you...

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business
This article defines five steps to starting a wedding planning business. With tips on how to become a wedding planner or wedding consultant, it will make achieving a successful wedding planning business easier.

Help Your Clients Plan a Big Wedding on a Small Budget
This article outlines many ways to creatively save money while planning a big, beautiful wedding. Read this article to learn cost-cutting measures for cheap catering, dresses, photography, invitations and more. Weddings don't have to be expensive to be beautiful.

The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Stevensville, Maryland
Learn more about the unique event spaces, catering, and planning advantages and challenges at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. The Chesapeake Beach Club is a Maryland wedding venue that was the backdrop of the Today Show wedding in 2005.

Should I Become a Wedding Planner or Wedding Consultant?
Many people aspire to a career as a wedding planner, wedding coordinator or wedding consultant. Read this article to learn whether a wedding planning job is right for you.

What You Should Know About Non-Denominational Weddings
An overview of the basics for any wedding ceremony.

What You Should Know About Catholic Weddings
A sample Catholic Wedding program.

Wedding Songs - Father and Daughter Dance Songs - Mother and Son Dance Songs
Many brides want to share a dance with another special man in their lives. Traditionally, this is a father-daughter dance, but sometimes the father and daughter aren't so close, or the bride wishes to dance with her grandfather, brother or even her own son. With the right song lyrics and tempo, any dance can be made even more special. Here...

Why Hire a Certified Wedding Planner?
A wedding is a major production and planning one can be a full time job in itself, depending on the level of complexity. Certified wedding planners will research vendors, review contracts, manage the budget, confirm guest lists and more. The AACWP provides certification programs and continuing education programs for its members.

Planning Mountain Weddings
Considering a mountain wedding for that special day? Check out how the the Devil's Thumb Ranch in Colorado, and how to creates mountain weddings.

Wedding Songs - Father Daughter Songs - Wedding Reception Music
The father-daughter dance is a long-standing tradition that is still part of most wedding receptions today. For a bride who enjoys a close relationship with her father, a sweet and even sappy father and daughter dance song is a great choice. The wedding planner should be sure to instruct the photographer to get some close-ups of the emotion...

Wedding Music - How to Find Great Wedding Music for Your Wedding Reception...
Most couples want at least a little input into what their DJ or band plays at their wedding. However, starting a list of wedding songs can seem like a daunting task. There are many great resources for putting together your wedding ceremony music and wedding reception music. For starters, your DJ or band may offer a printed list pf top wedding...

Mother Son Wedding Dance Songs - Mother and Son Dances
The mother and son dance is often one of the most tender and touching traditions of the wedding reception. As such, a great mother son wedding song often contains sentimental lyrics and a slow tempo so that the groom and his mother can enjoy the moment. Here are some sweet songs that capture perfectly the emotion of the mother and son dance....

Wedding Songs - Stylish Songs for Wedding Entrance - Wedding Introduction...
Wedding planners know that a couple's grand entrance into their reception is one of the most "wow" moments of the wedding. The right wedding entrance song will make the introduction of the bride and groom even more dramatic, and can also infuse the event with the couple's personality and style. Here are a variety of wedding entrance songs...

Ideas for Wedding Songs with Style
This eclectic list of wedding reception songs will add style to your wedding music playlist. Popular wedding songs and modern wedding songs are included.

How to Choose a Great First Dance Song
This article will help wedding planners to assist their clients in choosing a wedding first dance song with style, personality and panache. Read to learn more about how to choose the perfect first dance song for a wedding.

Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid
Tips to avoid five common planning pitfalls when it comes to wedding music. Wedding reception music should enhance, not detract from, the event. Wedding planners can read this article to learn what mistakes to avoid.

Wedding Dance Songs for All Ages
List of top wedding songs popular for dancing. Wedding dance songs for all ages and in all music styles.

How to Hire a DJ
Learn how to evaluate and hire a wedding DJ who is professional and reliable. Questions to ask and red flags to avoid when interviewing a wedding disc jockey.

How to Plan Wedding Music - Hire a DJ - Choose Wedding Songs
Selecting music is one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding. Choosing the right entertainment, selecting the first dance song, father and daughter dance song and mother and son dance song, and figuring out the soundtrack that will get guests on their feet is a project that brides and grooms alike will enjoy. Everyone can use some...

Wedding Accessories - Wedding Jewelry - Wedding Programs - Wedding Cake...
In this busy age, who has time to visit a ton of shops for all the little accessories and designer touches that make a wedding special? Fortunately, there are many specialty sites online to help any bride find wedding accessories, wedding favors, wedding programs, and other products. Whether your tastes run from classic to whimsical, you can...

Wedding Favors - Wedding Candy - Wedding Cookies - Edible Wedding Favors With...
The right edible wedding favor can end your wedding reception on a sweet note. In addition to being something that's appreciated more than the average tchotchke, edible treats can also be environmentally friendly, in addition to being one of the most inexpensive wedding favors. Edible wedding favors can suit any theme, from traditional to...

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors
Wedding favors can be eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. Green wedding favors, such as wedding candy, wedding candles, wedding soaps or other organic wedding favors are a great choice for couples who care about the environment.

Save the Dates With Style - Unique Wedding Save the Dates Your Guests Will...
With busy schedules and fluctuating travel costs, it's a smart idea to notify your intended wedding guests about your big day as far in advance as possible. Out-of-town guests will especially appreciate this thoughtful gesture. Wedding save-the-dates are a stylish way to let your family and friends know which day you'll be saying "I do." Here...

Inexpensive Wedding Favors - Give Your Guests a Wedding Favor for Cheap
Wedding favors don't have to break your budget. Inexpensive wedding favors can be both fun and elegant, while remaining affordable. Here are ideas for cheap wedding favors your guests will enjoy.

Place Card Holders for Every Theme
10 unique place card holders for a variety of wedding themes. Place card holders are a special way to welcome your guests and show them where to sit. These place card holders will enhance your wedding theme and help you express your personal style.

Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use: Practical Wedding Favors
Looking for a wedding favor that your guests will actually use after the wedding has passed? Useful, practical wedding favor ideas for all kinds of weddings and all budgets.

10 Wedding Shower Favors to Remember
The best wedding shower favors for any shower theme. Bridal shower favors that guests will remember, use and appreciate. Wedding favor ideas including tea favors, candy favors, and more.

Wedding Theme: Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations
Learn how a Washington, DC hotel wedding was transformed into a winter wonderland for New Year's Eve. This article describes the wedding decorations, including flowers, linens and lighting, that made this wedding theme beautiful and unique.

Beautiful Wedding Favor Boxes: Stylish Boxes and Bags for Your Wedding Favors
Wedding favors can be presented in boxes, bags, pouches and more. See the best wedding favor boxes found online. Inexpensive wedding favor boxes to more costly, elegant wedding favor boxes. Wedding favors boxes for every wedding budget and wedding theme.

Sweet Sendoffs: Wedding Bubbles, Wands, Sparklers, Flower Petals and More
Your wedding guests will love celebrating your wedding ceremony or reception with these wedding bubbles, wedding confetti, wedding rice and other fun ideas. Explore modern wedding favors like wedding sparklers and wedding wands, or something more traditional like wedding flower petals.

Wedding Candy Buffets: A Sweet Ending to Your Wedding
Instructions for how to select candy, display containers, and take-home containers for a wedding candy buffet. Wedding candy in every color scheme. Creative display options and links to further wedding candy buffet resources.

Wedding Invitation Wording Made Easy: How to Find the Best Invitation Wording
The best websites for finding wedding invitation wording for all wedding situations. See the royal wedding invitation used for the wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.

Top 10 Tips for Saving on Wedding Attire
Learn how to save money on wedding dresses and wedding accessories. Bridal attire on a budget. 10 tips for inexpensive wedding attire.

Wedding Favors - Event Favors - Share Your Ideas About Event and Wedding Favors
Share your tips about favorite event and wedding favors you have used.

What You Should Know About Jewish Weddings
A guide for understanding traditional Jewish weddings.

Services Hired by Event Planners
Event planners should create a network of suppliers such as destination management companies, event photographers, stationery shops, chocolatiers and more. The right team will create incredible events and make the event planner look great in the eyes of the client.

Las Vegas Weddings: Unique Wedding Venues and Themes
But most people who marry in Vegas often want to create an experience that will be remembered. While Vegas wedding venues will offer a full range of packages, including bouquets and boutonnieres, the minister, champagne, photography, entertainment and more, dig deeper and you'll find some unique themes and venues. Learn more.

How to Organize a Bridal Show?
Looking to organize -- or attend -- a bridal show and expo? This is a great place for wedding suppliers to promote themselves, and a fun challenge for the bridal show organizer. Learn how.

Express Your Wedding Style with Unique Wedding Ideas

There are many ways to make your wedding truly unique.  By adding personal touches that show off your style and the special experiences you've shared as a couple, your wedding will be a true reflection of your one-of-a-kind love story.

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