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Creative Ideas for Table Settings and Decorations at Special Events


Event Best Practice: "Feast in the Forest" Reinforces Cutting Edge Event Theme
Best Guest Table Ideas

A Legendary Event in Atlanta, GA, received the 2009 Best Guest Table Presentation award from the National Association of Catering Executives. "Feast in the Forest" was the theme for this event gala.

Courtesy of the National Association of Catering Executives

While there's certainly a time and place for the use of traditional white table cloths and standard guest elements at event venues, many event planners enjoy those opportunities that really allow them to design table settings and decorations that really allows the creative flexibility to design a theme that reinforces an event's theme and messages.

And that's exactly what A Legendary Event in Atlanta did when it designed "Feast in a Forest" for the DIFFA Dining by Design 2009 gala. The firm handled catering and sponsored its own table for the program. Their goal was to create an aesthetically interesting yet functional table design that incorporated the romantic mood of a picnic in the deep forest. The event took place in a tent, which also creates special logistical considerations (leveling the ground, etc.). And this design requires a large amount of space while still comfortably seating 10 guests. Unique elements included:

  • Chinese Fringe Tree.
  • Moss covered table and planters.
  • Tiny, robust vignettes interlaced in the tree and on the table.
  • Copper tones for crackled chargers and goblets.
  • Red roses, purple artichokes, various wild flowers, winter pears, and pomegranates were used to bring in dark jewel tones as the accent color.

Planning for the event included three months, addressing logistical issues with the tent company, lighting, floral & design, culinary and production teams. Final setup - installing lants, plates, tables, chairs, panels, drapery, lighting elements and tableware - requires special challenges in such a small place with limited surroundings and walkways.

The National Association of Catering Executives recognized "Feast in the Forest" as the 2009 Best Guest Table Presentation of the Year.

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