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Top 7 Gifts to Give Guests at a Food and Wine Event


Never let a guest leave an event empty handed. Wine events have an incredible range of options to consider. In my experience some of the best gifts are those that have been purchased locally at a winery or even the local gift shops. But to help event planners generate ideas, consider the following suggestions:

1. Bottle of Wine

The most popular gift is to offer your guests a bottle of wine from the winery itself. Negotiate a bulk discount with the winery if you are hosting an event there, or request additional discounting from the winery store manager. Tip: Request if the winery where you are holding the event will allow you to personalize/private label their wine.

2. Wine Bottle Accessories

Another very popular wine gift is to give wine accessories, such as a gift set that includes a corkscrew, two stoppers, two drip rings, and wine savers. Many gift sets are already packaged in a nice wooden box and include any number of these items. Tip: For those who are creating their own set, consider wrapping these in tissue paper and presenting the items in a wine gift bag.

3. Wine Cooler and/or Coaster

Several options include giving your guests a stainless steel wine chiller, ice bucket or a red wine bottle coaster. I like insulated chillers, and products are available in stainless steel or pewter. Wine glass coasters are also a possible consideration.

4. Wine-Related Books

There are countless numbers of books on winemaking to consider. Tip: Talk to the winery event manager to find out about local wine country celebrities who may have written their own book. Consider purchasing that book and make a personal request to the author for signed copies of their book for your group.

5. Wine Country Art

Check out the local art galleries for wine art paintings and prints that may make an appropriate gift for your guests. Tip: Frame it, and write a personal note for each guest on the craft paper used for the back of the frame.

6. Wine Bottle Carrier or Picnic Backpack

Single and double bottle carriers are available in leather or consider suede bags for a more cost effective option. Another great idea is to give an insulated picnic backpack, which often includes service for two or four, plus a blanket and wine holder.

7. Wine Aroma Kit

This is an incredible executive gift, and I learned about this kit during a personal trip to the Rhone wine region in France. These are priced from about $140 for a small kit that includes 12 of the most common aromas through as much as $400 or more for a master wine aroma kit. This will be a huge hit with any guest (and I'll take one, too, please...).

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