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Tip: Determine Professional Development Topics by Skill and Audience Level

MPI WEC 2008 Structured Breakout Sessions by 13 Skills and 3 Levels


Conference organizers determine seminar topics for professional development that consider attendee skill level and development interests.
MPI WEC 2008 Andrea

Andrea "Sid" Curtis, art director for Freeman AV Services, co-presented with Bob Walker, vice president of creative services, AVW-TELAV, Inc., on effective use of scenic design, lighting and audio to enhance the meeting experience at MPI WEC 2008.

Courtesy of MPI and tkatchphoto.com

MPI determined seminar topics by audinece level, including novice, intermediate and advance. Then, MPI organized breakout sessions into 13 skill families to help attendees optimize their educational experience:

  • Analysis-process-decision
  • Business management
  • Communication
  • Educaiton and content development
  • Financial management
  • Interpersonal relations/relationships
  • International relations
  • Marketing
  • Meetings management
  • People management
  • Project management/work planning
  • Strategy
  • Technology

MPI provided attendees with an option to schedule sessions online, categorizing sessions by skill families and audience levels.

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