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Event Planning Basics

Event planning checklist for those who are involved in planning corporate, association, non-profit and social events.
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6 Targets for Trimming Event Costs
Is our event budget coming up a bit short? Take a look at these ideas for slashing costs.

Event Planning Videos: New Additions to Our Library
About.com has just released a series of insightful video for event and wedding planners. Here is an overview of each one.

2010 Events Calendar of Holidays and Major Events
An events calendar of holidays and major events will help event and meeting planners know the important dates to schedule their programs and the important dates to avoid scheduling their events. This comprehensive list includes holidays and major events around the world.

How to Plan a Small Meeting
8 steps to planning a productive small meeting.

The Complete Guide to Event Budgeting
Creating an event budget can be difficult since expenses come from several different categories. Here is a comprehensive guide to sorting it all out.

Event Planning Questions to Ask Your Potential Clients
Before working with a prospective event planning client, ask these important questions to make sure you are compatible.

An Introduction to Event Rental Agreements
Follow these guidelines to insure your event rental experience is a positive one.

Event Planning 101: Drafting Essential Details
There is an order of operations to event planning, and looking past the basics can cost you time and money.

How to Hire an Event Planner
Whether you're looking to hire someone to plan a a family event or to handle your meetings and seminars, keep these steps in mind when hiring an event planner.

The Small Event Planning Checklist
Follow these steps to plan a small event that your audience will remember.

Smart Ideas for an Effective Registration Table
Your registration table may not be the highlight of your event, but don't forget these essentials of your guests may turn on you!

6 Big Event Planning Mistakes You Can Prevent Now
Watch out for these potential mistakes that can quickly bring chaos to even a well-planned event.

An Outline of Event Planning Expenses
The complete list of expense categories for developing an event planning budget.

Business Event Planning: Fulfilling Your Role as a Planner
Make your business event shine by helping executives deliver their message in an engaging way.

Online Event Registration Solutions Reviewed
Many online event registration software options have been created and are now available to help event planners. We have reviewed some of the popular online event registration systems out there.

Crafting Good Sponsorship Proposals for Fundraising Events
Selling event sponsorships is one of the best ways to insure your fundraising event succeeds financially.

10 Tips to Increase Business Meeting Attendance
With increasing pressure on increasing attendance at business meetings and conventions, event services supplier Daniel Fortin of DNL Logistique in Montreal, Canada, offers 10 tips that event and meeting professions should know.

What Makes a Conference General Sessions Memorable?
General sessions set the tone of conferences and conventions. Share your story about how you became an event planner, and read stories about how others became event planners.

2009 Calendar of Holidays and Special Events
The calendar and holidays impact when event and meeting planners organize various special events. Keep in mind these important holidays and other calendar dates when determining potential conflicts with any programs.

5 Essential Safety Measures for Event Planners
Safety and security are hot topics in event planning. Here are some easy ways for planners to cover their all of their bases.

What is Events Management?
Event management is the work performed by those who plan events, meetings, conferences, and other special events. Learn more about this profession.

Corporate Yacht Charters for Private Events
Searching for a unique venue for that next board meeting or corporate retreat? Consider a corporate yacht charter - Disney style.

A Magic Way to Eliminate Event Complaints?
You can avoid dealing with complaints from event attendees by proactively squashing potential issues.

White House Party Crashers Inquiry Should End
Although party crashers attended the first state dinner of the Obama White House, Secret Service officer suspensions, House committee hearings and Presidential review of situation should end before any other actions are taken. Focus should be on administrative processes of White House Social Secretary and event management.

Conference Content that Attracts More Attendees
Attract more attendees to your conference by featuring awesome content.

Managing Last Minute Food Requests
Late registration and food requests are going to happen, but it is how you manage them that determines your success factor.

Gibbs Tried to Dismiss Press Briefing Questions About Rogers Role in …
Attempting to shield his White House staff from media scrutiny about how party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi made it past security at a state dinner - Crashergate, press secretary Robert Gibbs chastised veteran correspondent Apryl Ryan when she pushed for answers that he did not want to provide. See the video.

Ice Rinks Serve as an Excellent Venue for Employee Appreciation Activities
Employee appreciation events are a great morale boosters to thank employees. One possible event may be to organize a family skate night at the local ice rink. That's what Delta Hotels chose for its summer employee event. Learn how Delta approached its employee family night behind the scenes.

2008 Calendar of Secular and Religious Holidays
Event planners should keep in mind important holidays and other calendar dates that may potentially conflict with the programs they are creating.

The Complete Guide to Banquet Tables

Invitation Wording Ideas for Special Events
If you're searching for invitation wording ideas or a sample invitation letter / sample formal invitation, the best approach is to first understand how invitation wording should be structured. Learn more about invitations and invitation wording for formal events.

Event Planning Idea: Add Oxygen Bars to Trade Shows and Speci…
What you should know about oxygen bars for your next meeting or special event.

Government Meeting Planners Should Choose City, Venues and Suppliers for Events
Federal agencies have been accused of banning Las Vegas, Orlando and other destinations from government meetings. Learn more about the issues.

Private Events - How to Avoid Public and Media Attention for …
Share your suggestions about how to keep the media and others from prying into your private events.

Team Building Ideas for Wine Tasting Activities and Events in Wine Country
Looking for ways to incorporate team building ideas and activities into your next event. Consider these 15 corporate team building activities. Learn more.

6 New Event Planning Videos
Our latest event planning video cover topics like invitations, corporate events, and venue selection.

Five most common types of business events
With more than $120 billion being spent annually on meetings, learn more about the most common types of business events that organizations hold.

Incorporate Salon Services into Special Events to Increase Attendance
Looking for a new activity to incorporate into your next special event? Consider adding salon services for your guests. Learn more about how this was successful for one company.

How to Build a Basic Event Budget
Building a basic event budget doesn't have to seem overwhelming. This "how to" will help event planners stay organized with documenting and categorizing expenses.

Wine Events at Wineries and Cellars
Interested in planning a wine event in a cave or cellar? Clos Pegase Winery turns events into wine theatre.

Please, Kindly Decline the Invite if It’s for a ‘Boondoggle’ or ‘Junket'
For those who are critical of business events, adopt a simple solution: please, kindly decline the invite if you think it’s for a boondoggle or junket. Commentary.

What is APEX?
APEX is an initiative of the Convention Industry Council that is bringing together all stakeholders in the development and implementation of industry-wide accepted practices to create and enhance efficiencies throughout the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry. Check out the tools designed to help event planners.

Employee Recongition Events Reward Best Performers
On February 8, 2009, Wells Fargo responded to criticism of its employee recognition event with a letter signed by Wells Fargo President & CEO John Stumpf, and published it as an advertisement in national newspapers. Here's a copy of that letter.

Trade Show Booth Etiquette Can Attract or Repel Attendees
Corporate and association event planners are often called upon to manage a trade show booth and portions of an exhibit floor. In this capacity, it's important for event planners to advise trade show booth staff about trade show etiquette on the exhibit floor.

U.S. Travel Association, MPI and Other Associations Defend Events Industry
In response to potential legislation and congressional oversight of the meetings and events, eight industry associations issued best practice guidelines for potential adoption by recipients of emergency government assistance.

Basic Supply Kit for Seminars and Conferences
In my experience, event planners spend a lot of time Every event and meeting planner should have an office supplies kit in storage containers that they can bring with them for event set-up. These items will help prepare any planner to address a range of last minute complications that require business supplies.

Canceled Business Events May Result in Increased Lost Jobs
Corporate events have become increasingly the subject of criticism by lawmakers and others for its inappropriate choice of hosting luxury retreats to support business development. This commentary was written to address those criticisms.

Planning Meetings and Special Events in Chicago

Create New Sponsorship Categories for Your Next Event
Trying to think of new sponsorship category ideas for your next event? Perhaps some inspiration from other successful events will help. Learn more about how to find great sponsorship ideas for your event by checking out what others have done.

How to Increase Attendance for Business Meetings and Events
Several steps can be taken to increase attendance for business meetings and events. To increase the RSVPs, some tips include creating great agendas, maintain sensitivity to the calendar and clock, Tips include: create a great agenda, choose convenient locations, target the right guests, send numerous invitations, and establish a reputation for having the best events in town.

Use Creative Ideas to Engage Attendees for New Product Launches
Meeting and event planners should incorporate creative ways to promote and launch new products to key audiences. MGM CityCenter Vegas promoted itself to MPI WEC 2008 attendees by creating a sand castle replica of the project while it is in development.

Quick Tips Offered by Event Planners That You Can Use
Have you ever been interested in reading fun and practical ideas that other event planners have collected over the years. Check out these ideas and more.

'Guide to Executive Manners' Answers Many Business Etiquette Questions
Letitia Baldridge's New Complete Guide to Executive Manners is a book that should be on every meeting and event planner's book shelf.

Wedding Theme: Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations
Learn how a Washington, DC hotel wedding was transformed into a winter wonderland for New Year's Eve. This article describes the wedding decorations, including flowers, linens and lighting, that made this wedding theme beautiful and unique.

How Small and Medium-Sized Organizations May Approach Meetings and Events
8 steps for small and mid-sized organizations to create successful, and strategic meetings and events programs.

4 Overlooked Resources that Planners Should Be Utilizing
Event planners need to maximize all of their resources if they want to produce the highest level of events.

Selling Your Venue Choice to Executive Decision Makers
Effective ways to communicate to your team why you recommend Site A over Site B

Signage Strategies to Manage Conference Flow
Proper use of event signage will make insure all your attendees end up in the right place.

Save the Dates With Style - Unique Wedding Save the Dates Your Guests Will...
With busy schedules and fluctuating travel costs, it's a smart idea to notify your intended wedding guests about your big day as far in advance as possible. Out-of-town guests will especially appreciate this thoughtful gesture. Wedding save-the-dates are a stylish way to let your family and friends know which day you'll be saying "I do." Here...

Beach Parties for Convention Events
Considering a beach party for your upcoming convention or event? Check out how the Fairmont Hawaii transforms its oceanfront into opening night receptions.

Wedding Invitation Wording Made Easy: How to Find the Best Invitation Wording
The best websites for finding wedding invitation wording for all wedding situations. See the royal wedding invitation used for the wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.

Business Events - Event Invitations - Tips to Increase Attendance at Business...
What top tips do you suggest event planners should use to increase attendance and RSVPs at business events and meetings?

AIG Hosts Independent Agent Conference at St. Regis Monarch Beach
Event and meeting planners may use the information made public by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee to learn more about contracting with hotels and what improvements may be helpful for the future. Learn more.

What Meeting and Event Planners Should Expect When Attending a Hosted Tour
International event and meeting planners may familiarize themselves with a variety of destinations around the world by attending hosted tours that are tied to international trade shows.

Event Planning Idea: Incorporate a Celebrity Book Signing
Searching for a way to add a new dimension to your next convention or congress? Consider a celebrity book signing to add a new dimension to your program.

Business Etiquette for Corporate Events
Most people want to present a positive impression of themselves at corporate and social events. These rules for good manners at meetings and social events will help anyone navigate the world of business etiquette for events. Of course, not everyone is completely at ease with knowing whether they are conveying proper business…

Six Easy Steps to Creating Good Cause Special Events
Many nonprofit and association event planners are expected to identify some creative ways to generate and mobilize local enthusiasm for their cause. And regardless of the message, many creative tactics may be used to reinforce those objectives and gain visibility. Learn more about how the World Health Organization promoted its first Global Handwashing Day for October 2008.

Etiquette Mistakes at Business Events
There are many common business etiquette blunders that happen every day. Share these event scenarios with your colleagues and clients so that they don't make a habit of these bad manners.

Measuring the Value of Events and Meetings through ROI and ROO
When it comes to the planning and executing event logistics, meeting and event planners typically know their event processes cold. But meeting and event planners are increasingly expected to measure and demonstrate the value of their programs. Here's what you should know.

Convention and Meeting Planning Tips
The MPI WEC 2008 offers an excellent opportunity for meeting and event planners to gain professional development, and the Congress can also be viewed as a source of inspiration for event and meeting planning tips.

Host Your Event with a Popular Theme and Related Activities
Can’t bring your guests to the actual event in person because it’s held out of town or out of the country? Recreate the atmosphere or theme of the major event itself, and invite attendees to celebrate the occasion in your own city.

Event Planning Idea: Create a Red Carpet Line
Searching for a fun event planning idea to incorporate into your next conference, convention or special event? Consider a red carpet line to welcome attendees and guests.

Seminar Planning Checklist
Seminars are the most popular meeting organized by meeting and event planners. Learn how to put a seminar together in a few easy steps.

Tips to Manage Event Planning Information Flow
Control the flow of communications during the planning stage to avoid mistakes.

Special Event Planners Identify Sponsorship Categories for Fundraising Events
Nonprofit event planners are always looking for ways to raise money for their cause while keeping the operating costs low. That's where event sponsorship plays an important role. Find out more about what benefits you may wish to offer event sponsors for your next special event.

Guidelines for Planning Public Events
Neighborhood organizations host special events such as outdoor festivals, street fairs or carnivals. And this requires working closely with government agencies. The Mayor's Office of Special Events in Chicago has created its Special Events Resource Guide and Special Events Permit Package, which includes practical ideas that other towns and cities may wish to incorporate.

Tips for Event Planners Who Create Community Food Festivals
If you are planning an outdoor festival for the first time or wanting to expand an existing festival, the event planners behind the Taste of Chicago 2007 offer some quick tips for general planning, operations management, sponsorships, talent management and marketing/public relations.

Sponsorship Categories for Community Festivals
Event organizers should create corporate sponsorship categories to generate revenue and expand programming options. Organizers of the Taste of Chicago share their approach to securing corporate support.

Help Your Clients Plan a Big Wedding on a Small Budget
This article outlines many ways to creatively save money while planning a big, beautiful wedding. Read this article to learn cost-cutting measures for cheap catering, dresses, photography, invitations and more. Weddings don't have to be expensive to be beautiful.

How to Control Event Parking Challenges
Your parking situation is directly tied to the first impression attendees will have of your event.

Easy Ways to Improve Guest Satisfaction at Your Event
Follow these guidelines to promote guest satisfaction at each one of your events.

5 Ways That Event Planners Can Maximize ROI
How Event Planners Can Maximize ROI: Your creative side might think about the theme and concept, but your business side...

5 Essential Ways to Handle Your Event Going Wrong
Be fully aware of ways to handle your event going wrong. You’ll be the first person that everyone will look to if disaster strikes.

Negotiating Tips for Event Planners

The 6 Most Common Event Planning Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them
Avoid these common event planning mistakes to make the most of your event:

Are You Selling Yourself Short with your Event Planning Fees?
Event planners struggle with establishing a fair rate for their services. Are You Selling Yourself Short with your Event Planning Fees?

Money Matters: Finance and Accounting Tips for Event Planners

Three Tips On How To Successfully Debrief For Your Event
Not all of your events are going to go as planned, but the most important thing to take away from disappointments is to use what happened and learn...

5 Key Ways to Interview your Event Planning Clients
How to interview your event planning clients to get the best results. Here are 5 key tips to make sure it's a good fit.

How to Plan an Event for Kids with These 6 Tips

Why is Peer-to-Peer Networking for Event Planners so Important?
Peer-to-peer networking for event planners is an essential part of developing, in both a business and a personal sense. So, what IS it and...

How to Manage Your Time Without Letting it Manage YOU
Having great time management skills makes your life and your business run smoothly. This can’t happen without proper preparation...

7 Essential Accounts Receivables Tips for Event Planners

How to Boost the Public Face of Your Event Business with PR
Its natural that you want to get good publicity for your event planning business, but do you know the best ways to get great event planning PR?

7 Ways to Make Tax Time a Breeze for Your Event Planning Business

Four Things Corporate Event Planners Need to Know
Did you know there are four things corporate event planners need to know before they plan any event?

Four Places to Find More Event Management Clients
Do you wish you had a more consistent client base for your event planning business? Here are four places to find more event management clients.

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