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6 New Event Planning Videos


The event planning site here at About.com is kicking off 2013 with the release of several new videos. Each one of these video clips was produced to answer frequently asked questions about specific aspects of event planning. These videos are only about 3 minutes long, so they are a great way for meeting planners to grab a few tips to add to their event management skill set.

5 Tips for Planning a Community Event with Michael Masi
Festivals and other community events definitely require a team approach to planning. Michael Masi provides an overview of the best way to coordinate these occasions, including how to assemble your team and practical advice for delegating responsibilities. As you can imagine, there are many things to consider when setting up an event like this, which is why managing your team and partner assets is essential for success.

5 Tips for Event Planners on the Day of the Event with Lorena Lugo
The two primary stages to event production are planning and execution. While the planning stage takes the longest, it is the execution stage that ultimately determines the success of the event. Lorena Lugo discusses the keys to executing your plans and getting the most out of your staff.

Skills Required to Be an Event Planner with Michael Masi
Event planning has always been a hot career choice for college graduates who were involved with coordinating events at school. Experience is of course a key element to landing your first planner position, but there are certain set of skills that employers also look for. In this video, Michael Masi breaks down some of the traits you’ll want to highlight on your resume.

How to Write Formal Invitations for Event Meetings with Jessica Masi
Invitations should be formatted as a tool to market your event and provide the recipient with enough information to make a decision about attending. Any time you spend money to send a mailing you want to get the maximum ROI on your investment. Jessica Masi reviews all of the points you want to include in a formal invitation.

How to Pick a Venue for an Event with Jessica Masi
One of the first steps in planning an event is deciding on where it will be hosted. Outside of the standard considerations like price and capacity, there are several other potential conflicts to think about before you sign your contract. Jessica Masi talks about her strategies for choosing a venue while pointing out a few often-overlooked details.

5 Tips for Planning a Corporate Event with Michael Masi
Corporate event planning is big business, but it is definitely not for the faint of heart. The budgets are often tight and the margin for error is even tighter. Meeting planners in the corporate world know that needs can change quickly and the unexpected tends to happen at nearly every event. Michael Masi shares his tips on coordinating great business events while managing the risks associated with them.

How to Set Up a Budget for an Event with Lorena Lugo
Without at least a draft budget in place it is very difficult to plan any aspect of a special event. Sometimes though, the hardest part is predicting costs so that you can allocate the proper amount of funding to each line item. Lorena Lugo uses this video to share her tips on estimating costs and organizing them into a hierarchy of importance.

If you enjoyed these videos then be sure to check back for more videos soon. You can find the complete collection of About.com event clips here, and don’t forget to browse through our extensive library of event planning articles.

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