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Las Vegas Is a Top Destination for Business Meetings and Social Events

What You Should Know to Plan Events and Conventions in Las Vegas


Las Vegas Is a Top Destination for Business Meetings and Social Events
Courtesy of Las Vegas News Bureau / LVCVA

Las Vegas is perhaps one of the most popular destinations for business meetings and social events in the U.S. In fact, more than 23,800 meetings, conventions and incentives were held in Las Vegas in 2007, accounting for about 16% of total visitors.

And the economic impact of those business meetings alone was nearly $8.5 billion in 2007 (non-gaming revenue), an increase of 3.3% over 2006. Event and meeting planners are an important constituent in Las Vegas.

But it isn’t surprising that event and meeting planners frequently choose Las Vegas, as it offers nearly everything a convention or social event may desire:

  • Luxury resorts and casinos
  • Nearly every type of show
  • Nearly every attraction and activity
  • World class dining and chefs
  • Resort shopping
  • Convenient transportation
  • Golf, spas and more

And with these options available, it’s not surprising that many social planners choose to hold destination weddings in Las Vegas either.

Because Las Vegas enjoys a high occupancy rate, at 94% for 2007, it will be an increasing challenge for event planners to manage their event budgets in Las Vegas, as it is a supplier’s market there. Nevertheless, Las Vegas continues to expand and more resorts and hotels are scheduled to open their doors, and that may help provide more negotiating strength for planners.

Planning Events and Conventions in Las Vegas

For those planners interested in holding an event in Las Vegas, 43 hotels are located on the strip, and a total of 347 may be found in the greater Las Vegas area (including Henderson), as of January 2008.

The Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Bureau online meeting RFP form is a good initial resource that will help planners receive information from its member hotels through its Meeting RFP tool for meeting planners. Resources also include transportation and other local services.

As is the case with most hotels, it only requires a minimum of 10 or more rooms per night to receive a favorable rate. It also helps to contact the hotel sales and catering departments directly to identify costs.

Many event planners prefer to host events somewhere along the strip or nearby, but resort hotels may also be found just outside of Las Vegas (e.g., Henderson) where it is possible to identify good deals.

The Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority provides a Las Vegas interactive map for those who want to see where various hotels are located.

2007 Las Vegas Visitor Statistics

  • Total Las Vegas Visitors: 39,196,761
  • Total Las Vegas Convention Delegates: 6,209,253
  • Total Las Vegas Hotels (metro area): 386
  • Total Las Vegas Hotel Rooms: 132,605 (2006 data)
  • Las Vegas Average Room Occupancy: 94.0%
  • Average Visitor’s Trip (nights): 3.6 (2006 data)
  • Las Vegas Visitors from So. California: 27% (2006 data)
  • Las Vegas Visitors from International: 13% (2006 data)

Source: Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority

Convention Centers

  • Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Mandalay Bay Convention Center
  • Sands Expo Convention Center

Hotel Meeting Facilities

Although there are a few large convention centers in Las Vegas, many of its hotels also have more than enough space to accommodate large events:

  • Bellagio (200,000 Sq Ft)
  • Caesar’s Palace (190,000 Sq Ft)
  • Las Vegas Hilton (200,000 Sq Ft)
  • MGM Grand Hotel and Casino (501,000 Sq Ft)
  • Venetian Resort (501,008 Sq Ft)
  • Wynn Las Vegas (200,000 Sq Ft)

Local Information

Source: Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Las Vegas Weather

  • January Avg. High: 58.8F / 14c
  • January Avg. Low: 39F / 4c

  • February Avg. High: 61F / 16c
  • February Avg. Low: 41F / 5c

  • March Avg. High: 71F / 22c
  • March Avg. Low: 49F / 9c

  • April Avg. High: 77.4F / 25c
  • April Avg. Low: 55F / 13c

  • May Avg. High: 91F / 32c
  • May Avg. Low: 66F / 19c

  • June Avg. High: 100F / 38c
  • June Avg. Low: 74F / 23c

  • July Avg. High: 105F /41c
  • July Avg. Low: 81F /27c

  • August Avg. High: 102F / 39c
  • August Avg. Low: 78.8F / 26c

  • September Avg. High: 95F / 35c
  • September Avg. Low: 71F / 22c

  • October Avg. High: 82F / 28c
  • October Avg. Low: 59F / 15c

  • November Avg. High: 66F / 19c
  • November Avg. Low: 46F / 8c

  • December Avg. High: 57F / 14c
  • December Avg. Low: 39F / 4c
  • Source: Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

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