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2011 Events Calendar of Holidays and Major Events

Important Calendar Dates Event Planners Should Consider When Scheduling Events


New Year's Eve in Las Vegas at CityCenter

New Year's Eve in Las Vegas is one of the most popular events of the year. Fireworks over Aria Resort at CityCenter on as part of its series of launch events (January 1, 2010).

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Keeping an events calendar for holidays and special events will help any event or meeting planner avoid scheduling an activity or program when guests may have other conflicting interests or obligations.

Event planners organize events seven days a week, so it's important to avoid scheduling conflicts during important major holidays such as Easter in april, or avoid potential conflicts in August that may arise during Ramadan.

This event calendar should also include a list of special events that are already scheduled because this may offer an opportunity to created related themed events and hospitality, such as the Final Four, the MLB All-Star Game, Wimbledon and other sporting events. The idea is to use the calendar of holidays and events to inspire other event planning ideas.

Keep the following event calendar for 2011 holidays and special events in mind when planning and scheduling events:

January 2011 Holidays and Events

  • January 1 (Saturday), New Year’s Day
  • January 17 (Tuesday), Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • January 17 (Tuesday), Australian Open (through January 30)
  • January 28 (Friday), Berlin Six Day Race (bicycle competitions, through February 2)

February 2011 Holidays and Events

  • Black History Month (U.S.)
  • February 3 (Thursday), Chinese New Year
  • February 6 (Sunday), Super Bowl XLIV (Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX)
  • February 10 (Thursday), Berlin International Film Festival (through February 20)
  • February 12 (Saturday), Lincoln’s Birthday (U.S.)
  • February 13 (Sunday), British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards (UK)
  • February 14 (Monday), Valentine's Day
  • February 20 (Sunday), Daytona 500
  • February 21 (Monday), President’s Day (Washington's Birthday observed, U.S.)
  • February 27 (Sunday), Academy Awards

March 2011 Holidays and Events

April 2011 Holidays and Events

  • April 2, 4 (Saturday, Monday), Final Four (Houston, TX at University of Houston and Rice University)
  • April 4 (Monday), Masters Tournament (Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia, USA, through April 10)
  • April 15 (Friday), Semana Santa (Holy Week, local special events held in Spain, through April 24)
  • April 18 (Monday), Passover (begins at sundown the previous day, through April 25)
  • April 18 (Monday), Boston Marathon
  • April 21 (Thursday), Holy Thursday
  • April 22 (Friday), Good Friday
  • April 24 (Sunday), Easter li>April 25 (Monday), Easter Monday (UK, Canada)
  • April 27 (Wednesday), Administrative Professionals Day
  • April 29 (Friday), Golden Week (Japan, through May 5)

May 2011 Holidays and Events

  • May 1 (Sunday), Holocaust Remembrance Day
  • May 1 (Sunday), May Day Holiday, Bank Holiday Observed May 2 (UK)
  • May 5 (Thursday), Cinco de Mayo
  • May 7 (Saturday), Kentucky Derby
  • May 8 (Sunday), Mother’s Day
  • May 11 (Wednesday), Cannes Film Festival (through May 22)
  • May 17 (Tuesday), French Open (through June 5)
  • May 23 (Monday), Victoria Day (Canada, Scotland)
  • May 29 (Sunday), Indianpolis 500
  • May 30 (Monday), Memorial Day (U.S.)

June 2011 Holidays and Events

  • June 19 (Sunday), Father’s Day
  • June 20 (Monday), Wimbledon 2010 (through July 3)

July 2011 Holidays and Events

August 2011 Holidays and Events

  • August 1 (Monday), Ramadan (begins at sunset the previous day, through October 30)
  • August 14 (Sunday) Ferragosto, (Italy)
  • August 30 (Tuesday), Summer Bank Holiday (UK, Ireland)

September 2011 Holidays and Events

  • September 4 (Sunday), Father’s Day (Australia, New Zealand)
  • September 5 (Monday), Labor Day (U.S.)
  • September 5 (Monday), Labour Day (Canada)
  • Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15 (U.S.)
  • September 17 (Sunday), Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany (ends Oct 3)
  • September 24 (Saturday), La Mercé (Barcelona, Spain)
  • September 28 (Thursday), Rosh Hashanah (begins at sundown the previous day)

October 2011 Holidays and Events

  • October 7 (Friday), Yom Kippur (begins at sundown the previous day)
  • October 10 (Monday), Columbus Day
  • October 10 (Monday), Thanksgiving (Canada)
  • October 31 (Monday), Halloween

November 2011 Holidays and Events

  • November 6 (Sunday), Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m.
  • November 8 (Tuesday), Election Day (U.S.)
  • November 11 (Friday), Veterans Day (U.S.)
  • November 11 (Friday), Remembrance Day (UK, Canada)
  • November 24 (Thursday), Thanksgiving (U.S.)
  • November 27 (Sunday), 2010 Grey Cup (Vancouver, BC, Canada, game and week long festival)

December 2011 Holidays and Events

  • December 20 (Tuesday), Hanukkah (begins at sundown the previous day)
  • December 25 (Sunday), Christmas
  • December 26 (Monday), Kwanzaa
  • December 26 (Monday), Boxing Day (UK, Canada, Ireland)
  • January 1, 2012 (Sunday), New Year’s Day

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