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Writing an Agenda for an Incentive Trip or Executive Retreat Itinerary

Sample Meeting Agenda Format


Event planners are expected to produce an agenda for the meetings and events they organize.

Writing an agenda for a program -- especially a multi-day program -- is sometimes challenging because the agenda or at-a-glance itinerary needs to be brief, but provide comprehensive information. After all, most guests and attendees will be familiar with the program, but don't want to carry around an extensive document to know where they should be and when.

An agenda should provide the following pieces of information:

  • Name, date and location of the event.
  • Specific times and days for activities.
  • Items should be brief and easy to follow.
  • Every activity must have a time and place.
  • The event schedule should be full.
  • Attendees should know where they can find more information.

Sample Meeting Agenda Format

Most agenda formats will have the header section in the center using one to three lines of text. Then, the agenda itself will have information presented in two columns: the left column should provide day and time information. And detailed descriptions of of the agenda or itinerary items will be indented to the right.

Your agenda should be easy to follow, and if possible, try to get everything on one page. Remember, the general itinerary is one of several different items that are part of writing formal invitation materials; the attendee should receive several different items in your communication, so there will be plenty of opportunities to provide information in more depth on another document.

That said, click here to see a sample meeting agenda format for a three day event all on one page. This sample meeting agenda should be viewed as a baseline to help create your own event agenda. It's also helpful to develop a template document and adjust information as you build the program.

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