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Event Planning Videos: New Additions to Our Library


Here at the About Event Planning site we recently launched a series of how-to videos, each one offering bite-sized advice on a particular element of event and wedding planning. These insightful videos are hosted by Brian Green, who has an extensive background in meeting planning that spans more than 20 years and thousands of events. Now you get to benefit from Brian's experience by watching these helpful videos that answer many of the common questions we get from our readers.

1. How to Set Up a Schedule When Event Planning

This first video covers some of the things to consider when planning your event setup itinerary. No matter how early you arrive at your venue, there are only a certain amount of tasks you can complete in advance. Things like table linens, centerpieces and chair covers are all contingent on other room elements being in place. Brian discusses this and more within the video.

2. How to Choose a Caterer for an Event

Selecting the right caterer for your function goes far beyond menu selection. Any time you have an outside vendor coming into a venue there are a host of concerns you need to address. Brian provides all of the important questions you need to ask before discussing what type of entree you'll be serving.

3. How to Start an Event Planning Business

Thinking about starting your own event planning business? If so, you'll have plenty of things to keep you busy before you set off to land your first client. Brian Green has experienced a tremendous amount of success with his event planning firm, and in this video he provides some direction for those looking to do the same.

4. How to Negotiate With Vendors for Event Planning

Every event you plan will require interaction with some type of vendor. And whether that is a facility or a florist, you need to understand the ins and outs of each relationship. Your clients are counting on you to manage all of their vendors and report anything that appears out of the ordinary. Here Brian talks about some of the finer points to working with multiple service providers.

5. How to Establish Your Event Planning Fees

Revenue is an essential part of any business, but knowing how much to charge as an event planner can sometimes turn into a long process of trial and error. There are a handful of acceptable fee structures to use if you know exactly who your target market is. This video will help you identify options for presenting your fees in a professional manner.

6. Overview of the Different Event Planning Fee Structures

This video discusses more about each of the most common fee structures used by event planning firms. Remember, there are no rules on how to charge your clients, but you do want to be as transparent as possible. Establishing your fee parameters clearly from the start will prevent unnecessary discussion after your client receives their invoice.

7. How to Create Speaker Evaluation Forms for Events

Evaluation forms provide critical data in determining the success of an event. They can also simplify certain aspects of planning future events if you get a clear picture of what worked and what didn't. A good speaker evaluation form focuses solely on the effectiveness of the presentation. This video gives you tips for getting the feedback you need without distracting respondents with unrelated questions.

8. 5 Tips for Wedding Planners on the Wedding Day

Wedding planners can expect to have their hands full on event day, and this makes having a "plan of attack" absolutely critical. Brian Green has planned his share of weddings, and with this video he shares advice on how approaches the big day.

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