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Your Career in Event Planning


Whether you're experienced or pursuing a an event planning career for the first time, establishing your own firm, this is your source to event jobs, employers, qualifications and professional development in the field.
  1. Jobs and Employers
  2. Qualifications and Professional Development
  3. Industry Tools and Resources

Jobs and Employers

Many opportunities exist for individuals interested in an event planning career path. Check out these suggested event career sources to help you find the right opportunities for you.

Qualifications and Professional Development

Although many people associate the work of an event planner as simply party planning, it's real purpose is to organize events that focus on a rationale or goal of an event, and determine whether those objectives are achieved. And this requires strong organizational, negotiation and other skills.

Industry Tools and Resources

A good event planner should be familiar with a range of planning tools, a good network of contacts and the creativity to procure services -- without concerning the client.

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