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Business Holiday Parties

The vast majority of businesses and organizations host an annual holiday party each year. Find out more about what is expected for those who plan or attend these events.

What Holdiay Party Planning Ideas to Consider for the Company Holiday
From choosing a venue to selecting catering and gifts, many questions must be answered when company holiday parties. What holiday party ideas do you have?

A Fun List of Holiday Work Party Ideas
Use these fun ideas and activities to make your holiday work party a memorable occasion.

Tips to Reduce Employee Holiday Party Expenses
Many organizations already account for expenses associated with the annual party by allocating a fixed dollar amount per employee within budgets. Given this, many planners are often challenged with finding ways to plan this year's employee holiday party with the same or less than last year's money. Try some of these tips.

Share Your Holiday Party Planning Ideas for Company Holiday Parties
What holiday party planning ideas and tips would you suggest others for the company holiday party?

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas for Less Than $25
More and more organizations are putting a ceiling on how much money can be spent on client gifts at the holidays. Although I will leave it up to you to decide your budget, these top ideas will be appreciated by your clients and keep the boss happy at the same time.

10 Corporate Holiday Party Planning Tips that Won’t Convey …
What holiday planning tips and strategies should you incorporate in your plans to save money and achieve maximum impact? Read 10 holiday party planning cost saving tips.

Etiquette Mistakes at the Company Holiday Party
Even though most holiday parties of today aren't the same as many were in the 1990s, that doesn't mean that managers and colleagues aren't observing your behavior patterns at the event. Avoid these potentially career impacting mistakes.

Kalhua Sponsors Holiday Party Bailout Grants of $10,000
To support small businesses that may have been hit hard by the economy and forced to cut their annual holiday party, Kahlua is offering five grants of $10,000 to qualifying businesses in 2008. Learn more about how you can nominate your company for a holiday party grant.

Are You Planning This Year's Employee Holiday Party?
p Let s assume you ve been charged with planning this year s employee holiday party, but have been asked to organize the program to reduce costs without impacting the quality of the event. After all, employee holiday parties are designed to serve as excellent morale boosters that translate into improved employee satisfaction and retention...

Holiday Parties Are Great Morale Builders
On average, 80-90% of corporate employers host an annual employee holiday party to help build morale. Each year, Battallia Winston surveys corporations about their holiday party trends, and event planners continue to implement a variety of approaches for those celebrations.

Coldwell Banker Office PlansEmployee Holiday Party with $10,000 from Kahlua
With $10,000 in her budget compliments of Kahlua, Ashley Wilson of Coldwell Banker Residential in Colorado Springs, CO, planned an employee holiday party with a traditional theme, entertainment and decor at a personal residence. Here's what it included.

Behind the Event: Employee Christmas Party at Hotel Majestic
Different organizations work hard at trying to define a great employee holiday party theme each year. This profile highlights a Spanish Christmas party with an Arab theme.

Business Holiday Party Trends in 2008
Holiday parties are probably one of the most consistent special events that event and meeting planners are expected to organize each year. And, despite the economic news that hit the markets in the second half of 2008, most employers are planning to host some sort of business holiday party this year.

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