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Event Production & Entertainment

Information about decor, audio visual, staging/lighting/sound, photography, music and performances.

Affordable Event Entertainment Ideas
Don't have the event budget to book a big entertainer? Here are several ideas that will impress your audience without breaking the bank.

Online Event Registration Solutions Reviewed
Many online event registration software options have been created and are now available to help event planners. We have reviewed some of the popular online event registration systems out there.

Online Event Registration - Share Your Feedback About Registration Systems...
Share your thoughts and opinions about what event registration software and systems you use. What are the pros and cons based on your experience?

Effective Ways to Manage Exhibitor Needs
It takes solid planning and a systematic approach to insure all of your vendor booths are set to their specifications.

Key Revenues and Expenses in the Trade Show Business Model
Making money in the trade show business requires marketing skills and a close attention to costs.

5 Ideas for Making Money with Events
Savvy event planners know there is also potential to make money by designing and promoting their own events for substantial profits.

A Unique Weather Service for Event Planners
Wayne Mahar shares his ideas for dealing with outdoor events and weather challenges.

15 Creative Elements of Event Planning
There are infinite ways to add creativity and personalization to your event. Here are 15 areas you can get started on right away.

Corporate Entertainment - Corporate Entertainment Options for Convent…
What kinds of corporate entertainment have left the biggest impression with you at an event you've attended or organized? Share your ideas.

6 Ways to Help Make Your Exhibitor's Trade Show Investment Pay Off
Selling your exhibit space is the easy part, but unless you provide your exhibitors with value they will never come back.

Corporate Entertainment Offers Big Impact for General Session…
Interested in learning more about what you should know to hire corporate and entertainment for your next convention or conference? Peter Brown of The Water Coolers shares his 10 years of insights about corporate entertainment and working with event and meeting planners.

Conference Web Design Challenges and Solutions
Nuno Morgadinho shares his tips for designing an effective conference website using a content management system like WordPress.

'The Water Coolers' Promote Clients and Event Planners in Son…
Las Vegas Meetings by Harrah's Entertainment hired The Water Coolers, an entertainment group that sings musical medleys to promote their clients at large conferences and meetings. It's definitely a great way to convey your important messages while entertaining attendees at general sessions, lunches, dinners and more.

How to Fill Seats at Your Event
Attendance is critical to the feasibility of any event. Use these tips to fill those empty seats at your next event.

Incorporte a Portable Jumbotron at Your Community Festival or Outdoor Event
Event planners hosting community events may wish to consider renting a portable jumbotron for their otudoor events. Learn more about how to add a jumbotron to your next festival or community event.

Team Building Activities - Team Building Ideas for Events
What best practices have you used in creating team building activities for events?

Sustainable Trade Show Exhibits Should Minimize Environmental Impact
Sustainable trade show exhibit booths should be designed to make building the stand easy while minimizing the environmental impact of the trade show. Learn more.

A Cost Controlling Approach to Audio/Visual
How to manage your special event's audio visual costs.

The Many Different Approaches to Fundraising Events
Here are some ideas for blending your fundraising efforts into natural flow of your non-profit event.

Project Images and Messages In Thin Air Using Fogscreen Technology
fogscreen, future technology, emerging new technologies, event planning tips

5 Engaging Non-Profit Event Ideas
The best format for a non-profit event is one that is both engaging and fun.

Speaker Evaluation Forms and Summary Reports for Educational Sessions
Event and meeting planners are sometimes challenged with creating a speaker evaluation form to use with professional development programs. This article highlights what's included an an evaluation form and provides samples.

Wedding Theme: Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations
Learn how a Washington, DC hotel wedding was transformed into a winter wonderland for New Year's Eve. This article describes the wedding decorations, including flowers, linens and lighting, that made this wedding theme beautiful and unique.

Speakers Bureaus Provide Access to Keynote Speakers, Emcees
Part 1. A conversation with speakers bureau industry leader Diane Goodman about the process of hiring professional speakers - entertainers, industry experts, business leaders, athletes and others - to serve as keynote speakers, emcees, present general sessions, etc.

Wedding Songs - Father and Daughter Dance Songs - Mother and Son Dance Songs

Many brides want to share a dance with another special man in their lives. Traditionally, this is a father-daughter dance, but sometimes the father and daughter aren't so close, or the bride wishes to dance with her grandfather, brother or even her own son. With the right song lyrics and tempo, any dance can be made even more special.

Here are some songs to use when the dance is something other than a traditional father and daughter dance. (Brides who want a more sentimental song for their dance with their father should check this list.)

Wedding Songs - Father Daughter Songs - Wedding Reception Music
The father-daughter dance is a long-standing tradition that is still part of most wedding receptions today. For a bride who enjoys a close relationship with her father, a sweet and even sappy father and daughter dance song is a great choice. The wedding planner should be sure to instruct the photographer to get some close-ups of the emotion...

How to Hire a DJ
Learn how to evaluate and hire a wedding DJ who is professional and reliable. Questions to ask and red flags to avoid when interviewing a wedding disc jockey.

How to Plan Wedding Music - Hire a DJ - Choose Wedding Songs

Selecting music is one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding. Choosing the right entertainment, selecting the first dance song, father and daughter dance song and mother and son dance song, and figuring out the soundtrack that will get guests on their feet is a project that brides and grooms alike will enjoy.

Everyone can use some inspiration when it comes to picking the perfect wedding music. With this list, you'll learn how to hire a great DJ, choose wedding songs and more.

Considering an Upgrade to Your Event Registration and Event Management Tools?
What should you consider before upgrading your event management technology tools? Strategies to keep in mind.

Beach Parties for Convention Events
Considering a beach party for your upcoming convention or event? Check out how the Fairmont Hawaii transforms its oceanfront into opening night receptions.

5 Steps to a Functional Networking Space

Jumbotrons - Video Wall - Technology Used at Events
Do you use jumbotrons, portable jumbotrons or video walls at your events? Share your tips.

Working with a Speakers Bureau to Hire Motivational Speakers?
The process of working with outside speakers may seem complicated or overwhelming to some, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Speakers bureau agent Barrett Cordero offers he following 10 steps to for event planners who are working with guest and motivational speakers.

Speakers Bureaus Provide Access to Keynote Speakers, Emcees
Part 2. My conversation with speakers bureau industry leader Diane Goodman continues with detailed information about her personal experiences and perspective on trends in hiring professional speakers - entertainers, industry experts, business leaders, athletes and others - to serve as keynote speakers, emcees, present general sessions, etc.

Event Planners Should Own LCD Projectors
For larger events, most event planners contract with a venue for audio/visual and equipment needs. However, for smaller meetings at locations that allow you to bring your own, purchasing your own projector will save money. Before you buy an LCD projector, familiarize yourself with the differences in equipment.

Who Are the Professional Speakers Event Planners Hire?
What are the more popular speaker categories today and who are some of the people speaking at corporate and association events?

Bands and Musician Options for Events
Numerous band adn musician options may be considered when putting together an event, and the following styles are highlighted: blues, bluegrass, classical, country, pop and rock, jazz, singers, solo musicians, world music and more.

Target and Choose the Best Professional Speaker
Before selecting a keynote speaker, follow some basic steps that will help assure internal executive support.

Community Walks Serve as Popular Special Event Fundraising Idea
Looking for a new fundraising idea to raise awareness and money for your cause? Consider a fundraising walk. The y-ME Mother's Day Events can serve as a best practice to help guide your planning.

5 Tips to Manage Event Lines
Lines will always be a part of event planning, but how you manage wait times impacts the satisfaction for your attendees.

Coordinating an Efficient Room Setup for Your Event
How you setup a room plays a big role the amount of time and energy you'll put into it.

IASB Lists Member Speakers Bureau Agencies
The International Association of Speakers Bureaus is an excellent resource to locating agencies that can secure professional speakers for an event. IASB also provides answers to some commonly asked meeting professional questions related to booking speakers.

Event Planning Essentials for Managing Trade Show Booths

Use Your Creativity to Make the Runway a Reality
Planning a fashion show can seem daunting if it’s your first time, but as long as you keep in mind these essential planning tips...

Planning Special Events Requires Great Partnerships
A team of preferred vendors can help you deliver what you promise to event planning customers. Follow the rules of great partnerships to build your team.

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