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Information about airlines, ground transportation and related security.

5 Ways to Reduce Air Fares for Group Events
With air fares accounting for a higher portion of events that require group travel, it's important for event and meeting planners to secure airline discounts for group event air fares. Many airlines offer group travel and event options for planners.

Tips for Coordinating Event Shuttle Transportation
Shuttle buses can eliminate a lot of stress for your event attendees. Here is guide to providing efficient and economical shuttle service at your event.

MPI Suggestions for Corporate Social Responsibility with Transportation
Planners may incorporate ideas of sustainability into their choice of conference transportation. Learn several strategies that will result in corporate social responsibility.

Airline Travel Tips
The Airline Transportation Association provides airline travel tips that will help travelers to better navigate the airport security requirements: before you head to the airport, at the airport and on the plane.

Estimate the Cost of Air Travel
Air travel costs are a major line item for any meeting or event that is being held in another city. When identifying destinations, it's important for planners to know the availability of flights, travel times, number of connections and more. This will impact which destination is selected. Run your searches on our airline engine and narrow your destinations from there!

High Speed Rail Increases in Popularity for European Business Travel and Events
High speed rail in Europe is seen as a flexible transportation option for business events and travel. What can the U.S. market learn from high speed rail -- particularly Spain's Renfe -- and what does this mean to event planning?

What You Should Know About Mishandled Checked Luggage on Airlines
Should business travelers and others pay higher fees for checked baggage when the volume of mishandled airline baggage and lost luggage remains high? Several factors contribute to the problem, including denied boarding, delayed flights, canceled flights and more. What should everyone know? Learn more.

U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings
The U.S. Department of State publishes its list of travel warnings here.

Federal Aviation Flight Delay Information
Here's an interesting site that allows you to identify what delays may be happening at airports across the U.S. The Federal Aviation Administration provides a status on this site to indicate airport conditions.

TSA List of Permitted and Prohibited Items for Airline Carry On
The Transportation Security Administration updates its listing of what is permitted for carry on and what is prohibited here: makeup & personal care items, medications & special needs items, electronic devices, and more.

2008 Airline Quality Rating Identifies Performance Declines by Airline
Airline quality ratings are important to event planners because the high cost of airline travel accounts for a sizable portion of the total cost to produce incentive and other destination events. Unfortunately, the airline industry satisfaction rates continue to decline. Learn more about how your preferred airlines ranked in 2007.

Hire an Outside Consultant for Ground Transportation
When faced with coordinating ground transportation logistics, many event planners turn to DMCs to coordinate transportation manifests, manage meet and greets at airports, and event transfers.

Airline Quality Rating Identifies Performance Declines by Airline
Event planners who coordinate programs that must incorporate airline travel should be familiar with airline performance. An industry study indicates airline performance declined in 2006.

Air Transport Association, Trade Association Representing the Airlines
Founded in 1936, the Air Transport Association of America, Inc. (ATA) is the nation’s oldest and largest airline trade association, representing the nation’s leading airlines. This is a great place to learn about important stories that impact airlines.

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