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Information to help event planners with site selection and negotiations for a vareity of event spaces and event venues for meetings and special events.
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Cultural Centres for Unique Event Ideas
Considering cultural event ideas for a future program? Check out how the Lil'wat Cultural Centre creates opportunities for unique themes for events.

Unique Venues Can Also Bring Unique Challenges
Before you fall in love with a unique venue, watch for these issues that could spoil its charm.

Beyond Square Footage: How to Evaluate Floor Space
The functional space of a banquet room is defined more by capacity than square footage.

Planning Major Events at Convention Centers
Considering convention centers a future program? Check out how the the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre creates unique and sustainable conventions, congresses, meetings and events.

Theater Events
Considering a theater event for a future program? Check out how the Colosseum Caesars Palace can convert its theater venue into business theater.

Determine the Right Venue for Your Event
Considerations for choosing the right venue for a successful event include timing, location, facilities, catering, service, budget and management preference. And unless logistics and time absolutely prevent it, every event planner should conduct a site inspection before contracting any venue.

Incentive Program Golf Events
Old Course Hotel in St. Andrew's Golf combines meetings with business golf events.

How to Evaluate a Venue
A basic site selection checklist will help event planners make sure that a venue in consideration is both appropriate and capable of meeting your needs. Keep this list and your priorities nearby for site visits: amenities, facilities, equipment, technology, catering, other services.

The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Stevensville, Maryland
Learn more about the unique event spaces, catering, and planning advantages and challenges at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. The Chesapeake Beach Club is a Maryland wedding venue that was the backdrop of the Today Show wedding in 2005.

Theatres Offer Unique Venue Spaces for Meetings and Events
Searching for a unique venue for your events and meetings? Consider theatres for their concert halls, lobbies, foyers, rehearsal rooms, outdoor space and other unique spaces.

Succeeding at the Subtle Art of Venue Negotiation
Once you've chosen the best venue for your event the next step is to negotiate the best possible rates for things like catering, audio/visual and hotel rooms.

Planning Museum Events and Meetings in Historic Buildings
Considering museums in a historic building for a future program? Learn what you need to know and how the Louisiana State Museum delivers as a unique venue for special events.

Top Considerations When Choosing Restaurant Venues
Event planners often rely on private spaces at restaurants to host a vaiety of special events. Learn more about how to evaluate a restaurant before contracting your event somewhere.

Event Planners Can Expect Venues to Incorporate Sustainability and Recycling
Perhaps it will surprise some, but many event venues have already established elements of sustainability and recycling into their own programs, so it may be easier than some event planners think to choose venues for green meetings and events.

Las Vegas Weddings: Unique Wedding Venues and Themes
But most people who marry in Vegas often want to create an experience that will be remembered. While Vegas wedding venues will offer a full range of packages, including bouquets and boutonnieres, the minister, champagne, photography, entertainment and more, dig deeper and you'll find some unique themes and venues. Learn more.

Popular Spa Treatment Options for Incentive Program Activities
If you're getting ready to plan an incentive trip or large conference that includes a variety of attendee activities, you will need to know what are the most popular spa treatments that attendees and guests prefer.

Planning Group Special Events at the Theater
For those who want to plan an unforgettable special event in a lavish environment, event planners should consider one of the old, established theaters (or "theatres" as spelled by those familiar with the British English) in town.

Sports Themed Event Ideas for Corporate Planners
Here are some ideas for turning your next corporate sporting event into fun and productive experience.

Outdoor Corporate Events for the Summer
Having trouble with generating ideas for summer events, consider these suggestions such as baseball game bleacher parties, golf school, horse racing and more.

7 Important Event Measurement Metrics
Beyond the square footage of an event space, planners must consider how all of the room components fit together.

Planning Mountain Weddings

The 3 Ideas for Choosing Unusual Event Venues
If you’re looking for ideas for choosing unusual event venues, then check out these 3 ideas for choosing unusual event venues.

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