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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Event Planning: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Do Event Planners Structure Their Fees?
Whether you've been working in the business for a while or just starting out, some consider it a dream job to start their own event planning business. But how do many event planners structure tehir fees for services? Check out these five ways to collect fees as an event planner.
Event Planning Fees Based on a Percentage of...
Whether you've been working in the business for a while or just starting out, some consider it a dream job to start their own event planning business. But how do many event planners structure their fees for services? Check out these five ways to collect fees as an event planner. Page 2.
How to Write a Formal Invitation So People...
Here we offer you some invitation wording ideas and a sample invitation letter.
The Business of Love: How to Become a Wedding...
This article defines five steps to starting a wedding planning business. With tips on how to become a wedding planner or wedding consultant, it will make achieving a successful wedding planning business easier.
How to Write a Welcome Letter for Your...
Planning an incentive trip or other meeting that will require writing a formal welcome letter for guests? Here's what to include. Sample welcome letter.
5 Questions Every Event Planner Should Ask
Before working with a prospective event planning client, ask these important questions to make sure you are compatible.
6-Step Guide to Planning a Conference
Planning a conference is a big task, so you want to get organized from the start. Here is our complete guide to organizing a conference from start to finish.
10-Step Guide to Planning a Seminar
Seminars are the most popular meeting organized by meeting and event planners. Learn how to put a seminar together in a few easy steps.
Why Event Planning Isn't About Throwing Parties
Event planners identify venues for potential programs, review proposals, determine food and beverage, and make overall recommendations for events.
12 Steps to Budgeting for Your Big Event
Building a basic event budget doesn't have to seem overwhelming. This guide will help.
What Does a Caterer Do?
Catering is the activity of providing food and beverage for events.
Yes, It's Possible to Have a Big Wedding on a...
This article outlines many ways to creatively save money while planning a big, beautiful wedding. Read this article to learn cost-cutting measures for cheap catering, dresses, photography, invitations and more. Weddings don't have to be expensive to be beautiful.
What is Events Management?
Event management is the work performed by those who plan events, meetings, conferences, and other special events. Learn more about this profession.
9 Ways to Keep a Conference Audience Engaged
Today's conference attendee expects more than just speakers. They want unique engagement opportunities that are not available in other formats.
Top 13 Event Planning Expenses
It's hard to plan an event budget unless you have a good idea of what expenses you will incur. Here's an outline to keep in mind while creating your budget.
9 Steps That Will Ensure Your Catered Event...
When planning the food and beverage for any event, it's important for event planners to consider the
Writing an Agenda for an Executive Retreat
Whether you're planning an executive conference, retreat or incentive trip, you will need to develop an agenda or itinerary that will be shared with attendees. Learn more about writing an agenda and see a sample agenda.
How to Find Your First Event Job and Turn It...
If you're searching for your an event job for the first time, it's important to understand just how large this industry is before you begin your search. Here's what you need to know.
3 Event Planning Career Options in the...
There are many different types of event planning jobs. Learn which one is best for you.
Breakfast Menu Ideas for Events That Start Early
A closer look at the various breakfast menu options for your meeting or event, when it makes more sense to select a continental breakfast vs. a plated breakfast, and what unique touches will make your meal memorable.
Event Planning Fees Based on Commissionable Rates
Whether you've been working in the business for a while or just starting out, some consider it a dream job to start their own event planning business. But how do many event planners structure their fees for services? Check out these five ways to collect fees as an event planner. Page 5.
How to Plan Your First Big Event
There is an order of operations to event planning, and looking past the basics can cost you time and money.
The Right Way to Invite Someone to a Meeting
How to for writing formal invitation letters and materials to a variety of events, including incentive trips, meetings, conferences and more.
10 Tips for a Successful Catering Business
Anytime is a great time to start a catering business. Greg Casella, 2010 president for the National Association of Catering Executives and owner of Catered Too! in San Jose, CA, started his business during a recession. Learn 10 tips you should know to start a successful catering business.
5 Ways to Host a Profitable Event
Savvy event planners know there is also potential to make money by designing and promoting their own events for substantial profits.
How to Start Your Own Event-Planning Business
Some people are interested in taking their event and meeting planning experience to the next level by starting their own event planning business. This is an exciting idea, but it takes more than the desire to plan weddings, seminars or golf outings. Learn more about how to approach creating your event planning business and some of the practicalities you should keep in mind.
How to Create a Killer Event Planning Resume
Make sure you incoporate some or all of these event planning skills into your resume and interviews.
Elements of a Strong Speaker Evaluation Form
Event and meeting planners are sometimes challenged with creating a speaker evaluation form to use with professional development programs. This article highlights what's included an an evaluation form and provides samples.
How to Become an Event Planner Step by Step
If you’re searching for tips on starting an event planning business, here’s how to become an event planner, step by step.
What Should Be Included in a Hotel RFP?
An event planner asks how she can develop her own hotel RFP to receive hotel bids for meetings and other events. Find out what proposal examples should be included in your hotel RFP.
The Complete Guide to Event Budgeting
Creating an event budget can be difficult since expenses come from several different categories. Here is a comprehensive guide to sorting it all out.
The Small Event Planning Checklist
Follow these steps to plan a small event that your audience will remember.
Popular Wedding Songs Guaranteed to Pack the...
List of top wedding songs popular for dancing. Wedding dance songs for all ages and in all music styles.
4 Lunch Menu Options for Big Events
A closer look at the various lunch menu options for your meeting or event, and what unique touches will make your meal memorable.
Smart Ideas for an Effective Registration Table
Your registration table may not be the highlight of your event, but don't forget these essentials of your guests may turn on you!
Basic Rules of Running a Buffet Restaurant
Here are the key points to consider before choosing a buffet over a traditional served meal.
The Complete Guide to Banquet Tables
There several shapes and sizes of banquet tables.
The Top 9 Types of Corporate Events Every Event...
With more than $122 billion being spent annually on meetings, corporate events are big business. Learn about the most common types of corporate events.
Banquet Event Order
An agreement form that details selections for food and beverage, audio/visual, room setup(s), staffing requirements and other event needs for a particular venue.
5 Perfect Mother Son Wedding Reception Dance...
The mother son dance is a treasured wedding tradition for the groom and his mother. Here are 5 perfect mother son reception dance songs for your wedding.
How to Hire an Event Planner
Whether you're looking to hire someone to plan a a family event or to handle your meetings and seminars, keep these steps in mind when hiring an event planner.
Should You Become a Wedding Planner?
Many people aspire to a career as a wedding planner, wedding coordinator or wedding consultant. Is wedding planning the right job for you?
How Much Does an Event Planner Make?
The meetings and events industry is experiencing growth. Discover the national average salary for an event planner and what's expected in the future.
What is a Seminar, and Why Should You Care?
What businesspeople and event planning professionals need to know about the different types of seminars.
How to Organize a Bridal Show?
Looking to organize -- or attend -- a bridal show and expo? This is a great place for wedding suppliers to promote themselves, and a fun challenge for the bridal show organizer. Learn how.
Event Planner Marketing Strategies to Attract...
Use these strategies to build an effective marketing plan for your event planning business.
6 Ways to Throw a Great Office Retirement Party
Looking to add some fun to your office retirement party? Here are some games, guests, and entertainment options to consider.
Event Setup Checklist for Venue Coordinators
Venue coordinators are charged with making sure the room is set to specification. Here are some things they need to look for.
The Big List of Event Planning Jobs
If you enjoy working on events, then there are plenty of career choices out there for you. Use this list to discover hundreds of event planning jobs.
How to Become a Certified Meeting Professional
The CMP designation helps event planners distinguish their credentials and expertise in planning and executing professional events.
A Fun List of Holiday Work Party Ideas
Use these fun ideas and activities to make your holiday work party a memorable occasion.
Sponsorship Categories for Community Festivals
Event organizers should create corporate sponsorship categories to generate revenue and expand programming options. Organizers of the Taste of Chicago share their approach to securing corporate support.
Measuring the Value of Events and Meetings...
When it comes to the planning and executing event logistics, meeting and event planners typically know their event processes cold. But meeting and event planners are increasingly expected to measure and demonstrate the value of their programs. Here's what you should know.
15 Creative Elements of Event Planning
There are infinite ways to add creativity and personalization to your event. Here are 15 areas you can get started on right away.
Online Event Registration Solutions Reviewed
Many online event registration software options have been created and are now available to help event planners. We have reviewed some of the popular online event registration systems out there.
Custom Healthy Breakfast Buffet Menu for...
Sometimes you just want to go off the menu and create your own healthy breakfast buffet for your morning business meeting or event. And while most hotels and caterers offer great packaged and a la carte menu options for clients, sometimes it helps to go that extra mile and ask for very specific ingredients. Check out this menu which was designed for a 100 attendee breakfast meeting with an agenda that was focused on health and wellness.
8 of the Top Event Publications for Event...
As an event planner, it’s important to stay on top of industry news, which is why I’ve put together a list of the top event publications for event planners.
Event Trends and Ideas for 2016
Keep up with the latest event trends for 2016. It's all about the experience, not the swag.
Creative Ideas for Table Settings and...
While there's certainly a time and place for the use of traditional white table cloths and standard guest
Top 7 Outdoor Corporate Event Ideas for the...
Having trouble generating ideas for corporate summer events? Consider these top 7 surefire business event ideas that will impress any crowd.
What is a Pre-Con?
A pre-con meeting is a meeting that is held with event vendors and suppliers where the event or program is scheduled to take place. It is held usually one or two days prior to the actual event, and is different from the walk through that occurs on the day of an event. Learn more about what is a pre-con.
Are You Selling Yourself Short with your Event...
Many event planners struggle with establishing a fair rate for their services. Are You Selling Yourself Short with your Event Planning Fees?
Promotional Gift Tips and Ideas for Corporate...
Promotional products and corporate event gifts should be unique and memorable. Here is a guide for choosing creative corporate gifts for any budget.
Special Event Planners Identify Sponsorship...
Nonprofit event planners are always looking for ways to raise money for their cause while keeping the operating costs low. That's where event sponsorship plays an important role. Find out more about what benefits you may wish to offer event sponsors for your next special event.
The Keys to Staying Organized as a Busy...
Event planning requires strong organizational, communication, and documentation skills. Here are a few ways that successful event planners stay organized.
Flying Solo: Tips on Hiring Help When Running a...
Learn how to build a profitable party planning business while flying solo in the beginning by following these simple yet effective tips.
Business Etiquette for Corporate Events
Most people want to present a positive impression of themselves at corporate and social events. These rules for good manners at meetings and social events will help anyone navigate the world of business etiquette for events.
A Map to Your First Event Planning Job
Follow these suggestions to find your first job as an event planner.
7 Trade Show Booth Etiquette Rules Your Staff...
Event planners are often called upon to manage trade show booths. It's important for event planners to advise booth staff about trade show etiquette.
11 Giveaways and Prizes Every Golf Tournament...
If you're planning a golf tournament fundraiser and searching for great golf gifts, consider these top golf tournament gifts, prizes, and giveaways.
Popular Meeting Space Floor Plans
Hotels and other conference facilities typically present meeting room space based on seven of the most popular floor plans. Understand how these numbers impact your event space.
The Planning Resources All Corporate Event...
The APEX initiative was the first to provide industry-wide accepted practices to enhance efficiencies. These are the tools designed to help event planners.
6 Low Cost Ways to Market Your Conference Online
Some of the best ways to market your conference online cost very little. Target these placements first before dipping into your marketing budget.
Marketing Ideas for Wedding Planners
Wedding planners today need to do a lot more than simply open up shop to win clients. Here are some ways to distinguish your services from the rest.
How to Break into the Event Planning Business...
At the core of any event-related organization is the event coordinator, and these jobs present ample opportunity for breaking into the event business.
How To Evaluate Each Venue
A basic site selection checklist will help event planners make sure that a venue in consideration is both appropriate and capable of meeting your needs. Keep this list and your priorities nearby for site visits: amenities, facilities, equipment, technology, catering, other services.
8 Tips for Increasing Your Corporate Event...
A seminar or business event is only as successful as the number of interested attendees. Here's how to plan an event that will attract a great turnout.
Net Rate and Net Net Rate
What is the difference between Net Rate and Net Net Rate?
8 Steps to Finding the Perfect Event Venue
Selecting the best venue can be critical to your event's success.The following 8-step roadmap will help guide you through the process of venue planning.
10 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Music Festival
Planning an outdoor music festival is such an exciting process. To make sure that your music festival is a complete success, follow these tips...
Event Planner Job Boards
If you're searching for event planner jobs, check out this listing of job boards on industry web sites.
The Ultimate Event Planner’s Checklist
The Ultimate Event Planner’s Checklist is your essential guide for staying organized, on schedule, and in charge while planning and hosting your event.
Top 10 Songs for a Father-Daughter Dance
This list offers 10 songs for your father and daughter dance at your wedding. The father daughter dance is a great opportunity for a sweet and sentimental wedding song. Use this list to find a father daughter wedding song that perfectly suits you.
How To Negotiate with a Hotel
As hotel sales continues to increase costs for guest rooms, meeting space and catering services, how can event planners negotiate the best deal?
More Father and Daughter Songs
Use this list to find the perfect song for a father and daughter dance, mother and son dance, or other special wedding dance for unique family situations. If you need wedding songs for your father/daughter dance or a mother/son dance, this list will provide suggestions.
9 Step Checklist to Successfully Wrap Up an Event
Wrap up an event within two to three weeks using this 9 step checklist to keep you on track.
Thoroughbred Race Tracks
If you're considering a unique venue in your town or elsewhere, this listing of thoroughbred horse tracks throughout the U.S. will help streamline some of your research.
9 Unique Las Vegas Wedding Venues for...
The fact that Vegas is a popular wedding destination does not mean that you can't have a unique wedding event. Here are 9 unique Vegas wedding venues.
Banquet Manager and Catering Manager Salary...
Catering and banquets provide a significant number of job opportunities for those interested in working in the events industry.
How to Build a Better Program Agenda with...
Breakout sessions can offer program attendees a host of beneficial opportunities, but all meeting coordinators should be aware of breakout pitfalls, too.
How to Land Your Dream Catering Career with the...
Interested in distinguishing yourself in the catering industry? It might be a good time to consider obtaining a professional catering certification.
Crafting Good Sponsorship Proposals for...
Selling event sponsorships is one of the best ways to insure your fundraising event succeeds financially.
8 Business Event Etiquette Mistakes You Don't...
Business etiquette doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 8 common business etiquette mistakes to avoid at business meetings and corporate events.
What Every Event Planner Should Know Before...
Event planners must consider several items before selecting catering services and menus for their events. Here's everything you need to know.
5 Event Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Avoid these five common event planning mistakes and how to plan ahead to ensure a successful event.
Wedding Planning Jobs
Many people use wedding planning jobs as a path to establish their own wedding planning business. Learn more about the duties of a wedding planner.
5 Key Ways to Interview your Event Planning...
How to interview your event planning clients to get the best results. Here are 5 key tips to make sure it's a good fit.
Top 5 Tips for Planning a Community Food Festival
Advice from the event planners behind Taste of Chicago '07 on planning, operations management, sponsorships, talent management & marketing/public relations.
Top 10 Tips for Planning the Event Menu and...
Great event planners are always ready to book the perfect venue even it if means hiring a private caterer. Here's what you need to know before you book.
Key Revenues and Expenses in the Trade Show...
Making money in the trade show business requires marketing skills and a close attention to costs.
Conference Content that Attracts More Attendees
Attract more attendees to your conference by featuring awesome content.
What You Need to Know if You Want to Be an...
So you want to become a successful independent wedding planner with your own business? Here's what every aspiring wedding planner needs to know.
Here's What You Need to Land Your Dream Event...
The high job growth rate is good news for those interested in a career in event planning. Here are the resources you'll need to land an event planning job.
Need Event Planning Ideas or Tips?
Looking for event planning ideas for a future program? Whether you're looking for special event planning or corporate event planning ideas, perhaps I can help. Whether it's a program located in your own city or somewhere else around the world, submit your questions to me. As your event planning guide, I'll do my best to offer event planning ideas and may use it for a future column. Learn more.
What Is Wedding Planning Certification and How...
For those who wish to pursue a wedding planner career, it's important to obtain wedding planning certification. But how do you differentiate between legitimate programs and those that you should beware of? Learn more.
Are You Planning This Year's Employee Holiday...
Have you been assigned to plan the company holiday party this year? Consider these common questions and answers for planning employee holiday events.
Catering Portion Tips to Control Spending and...
Use this guide to adjust your catering portion sizes and save money on catering costs.
Sports Themed Event Ideas for Corporate Planners
Here are some ideas for turning your next corporate sporting event into fun and productive experience.
5 Inspirational Group Activities for Corporate...
Are you struggling to think of ideas for corporate team building events? Here are 5 ideas for group activities for corporate team building events.
Choosing the Right Conference Pricing Strategy
The way you price your conference has a significant influence on the demand for registration.
11 Vendors Every Event Planner Should Have in...
Great event planners have a strong network of vendors and contractors. Here are 11 event services professionals you should have in your contacts.
The Best Event Planning Opportunities in Every...
Learn about the five major event planning categories -- and the most prominent companies and organizations in each.
Everything You Need to Know to Perfectly Plan...
Planning your wedding music is more than just knowing your favorite songs. Here are all the resources you will need to plan the perfect music for your day.
Create New Sponsorship Categories for Your Next...
Trying to think of new sponsorship category ideas for your next event? Perhaps some inspiration from other successful events will help. Learn more about how to find great sponsorship ideas for your event by checking out what others have done.
Build the Perfect Reception Playlist with These...
Gone are the days of nothing but tired crooners and cheesy party standards. Here's an eclectic list of modern wedding songs that will add style.
5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before...
Becoming a professional wedding planner isn't for everyone. Here are five questions all potential future wedding planners should ask themselves.
How to Plan a Small Meeting
8 steps to planning a productive small meeting.
How to Break into the Event Industry as a...
Catering sales positions at large hotels and event venues are great entry-level jobs to begin an event planning career. Here's everything you need to know.
The Many Different Approaches to Fundraising...
Here are some ideas for blending your fundraising efforts into natural flow of your non-profit event.
Here's How the Every City Should Manage Its...
The Office of Special Events in Chicago has created two guides for streamlining the public event planning and approval process. Here's what we can learn.
Learn From the Best: How to Plan a Successful...
Looking for a new fundraising idea to raise money for your cause? Consider a fundraising walk event. Learn from Y-ME's success with this guide.
Event Definition for Seminar. Event Planning.
How to Ensure Your Opening General Session...
Many large corporate meetings and conferences kick off their event program with an opening general session. Learn what they are and how they are used.
Are You Ready to Start an Event Planning...
A career in event planning can be highly rewarding, but are you ready to start an event planning business? Here are five ways to know for sure.
6 Targets for Trimming Event Costs
Is our event budget coming up a bit short? Take a look at these ideas for slashing costs.
The Importance of Catering Numbers
Guest counts and catering numbers are planned together to insure quality food service at special events.
Catering Menu Ideas That Sell Your Service
Use these ideas to turn your catering menu into a productive sales tool.
5 Essential Safety Measures for Event Planners
Safety and security are hot topics in event planning. Here are some easy ways for planners to cover their all of their bases.
Great Event Planners Avoid These 3 Common Event...
Whether the event operations staff works directly for the venue or your own organization, it is the event planner's job to avoid these common mistakes.
How To Plan a Successful Business Meeting at a...
Event planners will find themselves organizing one or more golf meetings each year, so it's helpful to follow some helpful guidelines to ensure a great outing every time.
Quick Tips Offered by Event Planners That You...
Have you ever been interested in reading fun and practical ideas that other event planners have collected over the years. Check out these ideas and more.
10 Tips to Reduce Employee Holiday Party Expenses
Many organizations already account for expenses associated with the annual party by allocating a fixed dollar amount per employee within budgets. Given this, many planners are often challenged with finding ways to save money planning this year's employee holiday party with the same or less than last year's money. Try some of these tips.
Affordable Event Entertainment Ideas
Don't have the event budget to book a big entertainer? Here are several ideas that will impress your audience without breaking the bank.
Tips to Manage Event Planning Information Flow
Control the flow of communications during the planning stage to avoid mistakes.
Marques de Riscal in Rioja Suggests 15...
team building ideas, corporate team building, team building, wine tasting, wine tastings, team activities, wine tasting events, wine country. Page 2.
Inexpensive Wedding Favors - Give Your Guests a...
Wedding favors don't have to break your budget. Inexpensive wedding favors can be both fun and elegant, while remaining affordable. Here are ideas for cheap wedding favors your guests will enjoy.
: A document that outlines or lists the plan for an event. It is commonly used to reference the flow
Wedding Planners Must Have Strong Organizationa...
Full service wedding planners typically manages about 12-20 weddings each year, and a wedding day coordinator handles about 50. Learn what organizational skills are required to become a wedding planner.
So You Want to Be a Wedding Planner? Here's...
Successful wedding planners come from all walks of life. While no single job prepares a person for this career, here are some tips for getting ahead.
Avoid This Common Mistake When Planning...
An incentive event is a planned event or trip that is used to encourage employees to achieve a specific business goal. Here's what you need to know.
7 Steps to Getting Started In a Dynamic Field
Want to start an event planning career? If you are passionate about people, learn how to start a career in event planning with these 7 easy to follow tips.
Catering Careers Job Search
Interested in serving the event planning industry through a career in catering? Perhaps the greatest number of event-related job opportunities are found in the food service sector. Whether you're searching for a job as a chef, catering coordinator or catering management, find your opportunities here.
6 Big Event Planning Mistakes You Can Prevent Now
Watch out for these potential mistakes that can quickly bring chaos to even a well-planned event.
3 Ways to Plan a Successful Super Bowl Party or...
The Super Bowl offers a tremendous number of opportunities for special events. Here's how you can host a corporate Super Bowl event three different ways.
Top 10 Tips for Increasing Business Meeting...
With increasing pressure on event planners and hosts to guarantee attendance at business meetings and conventions, here are 10 tips you should know.
Sold Out! Four Strategies for Selling Concert...
By using four strategies for selling concert tickets, event planners can maximize ticket sales, minimize loss and maximize their return on their investment and crowd potential.
Ice Rinks Serve as an Excellent Venue for...
Employee appreciation events are a great morale boosters to thank employees. One possible event may be to organize a family skate night at the local ice rink. That's what Delta Hotels chose for its summer employee event. Learn how Delta approached its employee family night behind the scenes.

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