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Readers Respond: Top Holiday Party Ideas for the Company Holiday Parties

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Holiday party planning -- whether its for the corporate or company holiday party -- does not have to be extravagant for everyone to have a good time. From theme to catering to gifts, what tips do you have to share with others about this year's company party or holiday party theme? What would you suggest to someone who is responsible for organizing a holiday party for the first time? What do you enjoy about your company holiday party? Share your holiday party ideas here!

The more simple, the better

I've been working ft at a chemical plant for quite a while now. Years ago, when the economy was booming, the girls and I would exchange $10 type gifts. Times have really changed since then, so most of us give each other a pretty Christmas card with no money in it -- just a nice comment. Adults know it's the thought that counts. Now try to tell the kids that! lol. Seriously though, Christmas isn't about getting and giving. It's little thoughts that count, when you and your spouse (or s/o), get into the spirit of Christmas.

Holiday Carolers

Consider hiring a non-traditional holiday caroling group. For example, The Boston Carolers are professional singers who perform a mix of traditional carols and jazz arrangements. The members of the Boston Carolers have toured internationally, taught at vocal programs around the country, and released cds; they include the best vocalists in the Boston area. The Boston Carolers are available for hire in the Boston area at corporate or private events including holiday parties, restaurant sets, weddings, neighborhood sing-alongs, and others. Note: The group does not dress in Dickens-era costumes; they are attired in formal black evening wear with colorful scarves. See their website, http://www.bostoncarolers.com, for additional information and sound samples.

Created a very comfortable atmosphere.

We will have screens displaying a fireplace burning/snow falling on lighted house for our annual holiday luncheon.
—Guest bzenewicz@printing.org

Cutting costs for Holiday corporate part

With budgets down for employee parties, one way to still have knock-out decorations is to rent, rent, rent. Floral designers usually keep inventories of fabulous decorations. Discuss with them how much of yours can be rented. Of course, not florals, but trees, ornaments, candleholders, etc. Also, instead of having those tired out favors for everyone, try doing a couple of nice gift baskets to give away via a raffle.
—Guest Jackie Rowell-Rowell Events

Arts Publicist

Do companies throw holiday parties in a recession? Employees prefer cash. The nicest employer-sponsored holiday parties I have been to were smallest cocktail parties thrown by my immediate management at their homes. Another memorable party was thrown at an art gallery rented out for the night treating employees to a popular show. The party most in the holiday spirit was one the company hosted for children of a local charity that employees put together. The worst are sterile parties at a hotel where there was pressure to come and then we had to sit through employee recognitions speeches. However, one nice touch at one of those corporate affairs was having an employee who was a concert-level vocalist perform. Everyone loved it and talked about it for months. The other touch that makes a company party more interesting is inviting a mix of outside guests including customers, journalists, business associates from other companies so people get a chance to speak with someone new.
—Guest Arts Publicist

Keep It Simple

For years our company Christmas party has consisted of taking our contracted employees out to dinner at a nice restaurant. That way we get a great venue that is off-site (very important in my opinion) and great food - and don't have to worry about organizing either of them. All we have to do is book the place and let people know about it. If your party is too big to fit in a restaurant, I would recommend checking with local hotels as many offer Christmas party packages.

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